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UV Safety Awareness Month and Your Feet

UV Safety Awareness Month and Your Feet

July is UV Safety Awareness Month. With summer here the great outdoors are beckoning. People are taking advantage of all that summer has to offer. However, sun damage can be a concern. Many forget that your feet are just as vulnerable as other parts of your body. Here’s what you need to know.

Sunlight is a potent source of UV radiation. There may indeed be health befits to getting sun, but it can also cause both skin damage and skin cancer. The truth is there is no such thing as a safe suntan.


Most people take precautions with other parts of their body, but it’s easy to forget about your feet. Here are some tips to avoid damage caused by the sun:

1) Use suntan lotion. Lotion can be applied generously to your feet to protect against UV rays. Dermatologists recommend using a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30, which blocks 97 percent of the sun's UV rays. The higher the number, the more effective the lotion is at blocking out the sun, but no lotion is 100% effective.

2) Choose the right footwear. Sandals and flip-flops are summer favorites, but they can leave your feet exposed. Crocs are a type of shoe that still lets your feet breathe while providing more coverage.

3) Avoid peak sun times. Early morning and evening have weaker UV rays when the sun is less intense. If you do go out, you can always try to find places with plenty of shade.

Contact a podiatrist today for more tips or if you or a loved one is suffering from any foot-related symptoms. Dr. Scott Nelson of Foot and Ankle Medical Clinic in Garland, TX (county of Dallas), is a board-certified and highly experienced podiatrist who has helped people suffering from all types of foot and ankle injuries and deformities. From bunions to diabetic foot problems, sports injuries, and fungal nails, you can trust that Dr. Nelson and his staff are wholeheartedly devoted to your foot health. Please contact our office with any questions you may have or to schedule an appointment by calling 972-414-9800.

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