Treating Achilles Tendonitis

Treating Achilles Tendonitis

The Achilles tendon can become swollen and painful from the repetitive stress of activities such as jogging and playing sports. Cessation of the activity that is causing pain in your heel is essential to avoid further injury.

Achilles tendonitis is a condition that is very common in dancers, athletes, and people who spend a lot of time on their feet all day working. A severe injury to this tendon may be accompanied by a loud pop as the tendon gives way and you find yourself rolling on the floor, clutching your foot in agony.

Many people try to play through the pain and ignore the initial symptoms of the problem. This is ill-advised, since continuing to perform the activity can cause an otherwise easily manageable injury to become rapidly worse. 

Always remember to properly warm up and cool down to help decrease stress on your Achilles tendons.

Treatments for Achilles tendonitis include the following:

  1. Rest the affected foot

  2. Use hot and cold compresses to alleviate pain and swelling 

  3. Elevation of the foot above your heart will reduce swelling

  4. Physical therapy exercises and stretches will help stretch the calf muscles

  5. Custom-made orthotic inserts can divert pressure away from the heel area

  6. A torn or severed Achilles tendon will require surgery

If you need treatment for Achilles tendonitis, contact your foot care professional for the best care. Dr. Scott Nelson of Foot and Ankle Medical Clinic in Garland, TX is a board-certified and highly experienced podiatrist who has helped people suffering from all types of foot and ankle injuries and deformities. From bunions to diabetic foot problems, sports injuries and fungal nails, you can trust that Dr. Nelson and his staff are wholeheartedly devoted to your foot health. Please contact our office with any questions you may have or to schedule an appointment by calling 972-414-9800.

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