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4 Essential Tips for Nurturing Relationships During Quarantine

Tips for Nurturing Relationships During Quarantine

Being cooped up indoors all the time with your loved ones builds stress levels, and it can be challenging to maintain any equilibrium and equanimity with the constant uncertainty about the future and just the day-to-day. Couples need to work on their relationships more than ever.

Living through this pandemic is putting personal relationships to the test, so here is some advice to help keep the peace:

1)    Be gentle and kind—With all the unsettling stress and anxiety, it’s hard to be on your best behavior. When the tension gets thick, give each other some slack (more so than usual). Don’t rush to judgment about your partner and try to find compassion when arguments arise.

2)    Have a quarantine routine—Making a weekly plan for meals, leisure, couple or family time, and alone time is essential for decreasing stress and anxiety — particularly when you have young children at home.

3)    Do the best you can—Divvying up chores and responsibilities has been turned on its head to a large degree. Try to do as much as you can and have an attitude of gratitude for your partner’s contributions while understanding that there’s just too much to do.

4)    Do nourishing activities together—Try going for a walk together around the yard or block, meditating together, or putting aside a couple of hours once a week for a date night.

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