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3 Essential Treatments for Ankle Sprains

3 Essential Treatments for Ankle Sprains

Ankle sprains are a common injury that can happen when you aren’t paying attention to your footfalls. Just crossing the street while looking at your phone can lead to tripping and falling over a curb with a painful twisted ankle to show for it! Properly treating even seemingly minor ankle sprains is essential for avoiding chronic ankle instability in the future, so best to see your foot doctor for the proper care. 

3 essential treatments for an ankle sprain include the following: 

  1. The RICE protocol (Rest, Icing, Compression, and Elevation)—Rest a sprained ankle as soon as possible to help determine the severity of the injury. Raise the affected foot while lying down to help reduce swelling. Icing and compression wraps will also help. If severe swelling and pain persist, see your foot doctor right away.

  2. Ankle immobilization—For serious ankle sprains, a rigid walking boot will have to be worn for several months to immobilize the ankle joint while it heals.

  3. Therapeutic foot and leg exercises—After the long initial healing period for a severe ankle sprain, gentle strengthening and ankle rotation exercises should be gradually incorporated into your recovery program. Your podiatrist can help monitor your progress and provide exercise guidelines to avoid a reinjury. 

If you have a twisted ankle, be sure to see your foot doctor to avoid future complications. Dr. Scott Nelson of Foot and Ankle Medical Clinic in Garland, TX (county of Dallas), is a board-certified and highly experienced podiatrist who has helped people suffering from all types of foot and ankle injuries and deformities. From bunions to diabetic foot problems, sports injuries, and fungal nails, you can trust that Dr. Nelson and his staff are wholeheartedly devoted to your foot health. Please contact our office with any questions you may have or to schedule an appointment by calling 972-414-9800.

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