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10 Interesting (and Possibly Productive!) Things to Do During Quarantine

Things to Do During Quarantine

Dealing with boredom and going stir crazy are unfortunate side effects of doing your part to flatten the curve of coronavirus cases, but even with school, sporting events, and concerts in limbo, for now, there are plenty of interesting ways to occupy your time.

Here are 10 ideas to get you started:

  1. Learn how to do calligraphy—try a YouTube tutorial. Watching someone perform on video is often the best way to learn something new.

  2. Read aloud—Take turns reading plays or poems. Really get into the characters and voices.

  3. Write poetry—Try writing haiku or amusing limericks.

  4. Take up knitting or crocheting.

  5. Draw a self-portrait by looking at yourself in the mirror.

  6. Write a family book—Each family member gets to write a chapter of their character’s escapades.

  7. Rearrange the furniture and decorations in a room to make it look totally different

  8. Take an online typing course to increase your speed.

  9. Try plant therapy—talking to your plants and taking care of their needs for light and water will make you and the plants feel better.

  10. Study Olde English words and phrases and add them to your speech, keeping in mind that ‘brevity is the soul of wit’.

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