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Women’s Foot Problems - What to Look For

Issues with your feet can affect anyone, but women have specific sets of issues that they need to attend to. Now is a good time to go over two of the most common problems that affect women’s foot health and what you can do about them...
Sep 29th, 2021

Pain Awareness Month and Your Feet

September is Pain Awareness Month. This is a good time to try and understand some of the underlying causes of certain pains so we can help alleviate some of the discomforts they cause.
Sep 23rd, 2021

Healthy Aging Month and Your Feet

September is Healthy Aging Month when nationwide we dedicate ourselves to empowering older adults. As we age our feet, just like the rest of our body, can go through various changes.
Sep 14th, 2021

Tips for Preventing a Bad Fall

September 22nd is the date we celebrate Falls Prevention Awareness Day. Foot-related health issues may increase the risk of falls.
Sep 8th, 2021

Healthy Foot Tips for the Ladies

Women’s foot health is often a neglected topic. Here are some specific problems women’s feet suffer from and what you can do about it.
Sep 1st, 2021

Loving Your Feet for National I Love My Feet Day

In August we celebrate National I Love My Feet Day. It’s a time to take a moment and appreciate how valuable our feet are. Here are some tips to show some love for your feet on this special day.
Aug 25th, 2021

Even a Genius Can Struggle with Smelly Feet

Did you know Darwin struggled with another problem? That’s right - smelly feet! Even geniuses struggle with foot odor. It can be an embarrassing problem but luckily fungal foot infections can be prevented by following a few easy tips.
Aug 12th, 2021

Keep Your Little One’s Feet Safe This Summer

With summer activity comes extra stress and danger to your child’s feet. Don’t worry though, follow these simple tips and your little one can still enjoy all the excitement that summer has to offer.
Aug 3rd, 2021

Solutions for Summer Foot Problems

There are a few problems with feet that occur regularly every summer. Here are some old the most common ones and what you can do about them.
Jul 21st, 2021

Dealing With Summer Sweaty Feet

Hiking, going to the pool, playing sports, and other summer pursuits are great fun, but they can also cause your feet to sweat. Here are some tips to deal with sweaty feet to make sure you have a great time this summer.
Jul 7th, 2021

Foot Care for Older Adults

As we age, all the wear and tear our feet suffer over the years can start to take its toll. Luckily, there are some things you can do to make sure your golden years are as pain-free as possible.
Jun 22nd, 2021

Foot Safety for Summer

June is National Safety Month, so let’s look at some helpful tips to keep your feet safe this season.
Jun 15th, 2021

Don’t Let Bunions Ruin Your Summer

If you have a bunion, simple activities like running, hiking, or just going for a stroll can cause great discomfort. Make sure you're educated on all the available information to treat this painful condition.
May 24th, 2021

Foot Arthritis Facts You Need To Know

May is designated as National Arthritis Awareness Month, an event that helps spread awareness about arthritis facts, symptoms, and treatment. Here are some facts you need to know about arthritis.
May 5th, 2021

Custom Orthotics vs. Over-the-Counter Shoe Inserts

Custom orthotic shoe inserts are a great way to protect your foot health. Unlike over-the-counter inserts, these are molded to your exact foot shape. In addition to comfort, they can help improve athletic performance and even...
Apr 19th, 2021

4 Early Hammertoe Treatments to Help Avoid Future Surgery

Hammertoes are thought to be caused by an imbalance between the tiny tendons that normally hold the toe in the proper position. These 4 treatments can help avoid hammertoe formation and prevent many other potential foot and ankle problems.
Apr 12th, 2021

Why Does it Feel Like I Have a Pebble in My Shoe?

A benign growth called a neuroma can form around a nerve in various locations of your body. When it forms between the middle toes it is referred to as a Morton’s neuroma and is frequently described as feeling like you have a pebble in your shoe.
Mar 5th, 2021

Foot Swelling May Be a Sign of Heart Disease

Many symptoms of systemic diseases often show up in your feet first, so be sure to have regular visits with your foot doctor for the optimum health of both your feet and your heart.
Feb 23rd, 2021

Why Does the Top of My Foot Hurt?

There are many conditions that can directly or indirectly cause pain and discomfort on the top of the foot making everyday activities difficult or impossible.
Feb 15th, 2021

3 Common Foot Issues for Kids

While many developing kid’s foot issues will often correct themselves over time, you should still have your kid’s feet checked regularly by your foot doctor to make sure things are developing normally. Here are 3 foot issues that are common in children.
Feb 8th, 2021

5 Causes of Numbness in Your Feet & Ankles

Numbness and tingling in your feet and ankles can cause everyday activities like standing, exercising, and walking to lead to falls and debilitating foot and ankle injuries.
Feb 1st, 2021

Why Does My Ankle Hurt?

The joints of the ankles are composed of many components including bones, tendons, and other tissues that all come together to create the ability to move your foot, stand, walk, work, and exercise.
Jan 25th, 2021

3 Ways to Treat Capsulitis

Capsulitis is an inflammatory condition that affects the ball of the foot in an area encapsulated by bones, tendons, ligaments, and other soft tissues. Here are 3 conservative treatments for capsulitis that are effective in the early stages.
Jan 18th, 2021

Treat Bunions Properly to Avoid Other Toe Problems

If you get help treating your bunions early, the less problematic they will eventually become. Here are some other toe problems that can be exacerbated by not properly and promptly treating bunions.
Jan 11th, 2021

3 Great Tips for Healthy Feet & Ankles

A great way to improve your overall health is by paying attention to any problems you may be developing with your feet and ankles. Certain diseases like diabetes often exhibit peripheral symptoms like numbness and tingling in the feet and ankles first.
Jan 5th, 2021

4 Indications of Fungal Toenails

Detecting a fungal toenail infection early before it becomes entrenched in the nail bed will make treatment much easier and effective. Here are 4 indications that you have a fungal toenail infection.
Dec 28th, 2020

3 Essential Treatments for Ankle Sprains

Ankle sprains are a common injury that can happen when you aren’t paying attention to your footfalls. Properly treating even seemingly minor ankle sprains is essential for avoiding chronic ankle instability in the future.
Dec 21st, 2020

A Plantar Fibroma Can Cause Severe Arch Pain

A plantar fibroma is a small growth characterized by a thickening in the fibrous arch tissue on the bottom of your foot known as the plantar fascia. Here are some symptoms, causes, and treatments of this condition.
Dec 7th, 2020

Why Does My Big Toe Hurt?

Conditions and diseases that can cause pain in the big toe range from injuries like a toe fracture to structural anomalies like bunions, to systemic diseases like arthritis. Since the diagnosis and treatments can vary considerably,...
Dec 1st, 2020

Hammertoe Complications & Treatments

Hammertoes tend to develop slowly but will only get worse over time without treatment. In this blog we discuss some of the symptoms and co-occurring conditions of hammertoes and the treatment options that are available.
Nov 16th, 2020

3 Surprising Facts About Your Feet

Your feet are amazing examples of natural engineering, but many people tend to take the health and proper functioning of their feet for granted until an injury or disease causes severe pain and discomfort.
Nov 9th, 2020

3 Common Childhood Foot Problems

The best way to treat and prevent childhood foot and ankle problems is with regular visits to your foot doctor for proper monitoring and care. Here are 3 common childhood foot and ankle problems.
Nov 2nd, 2020

5 Causes of Foot Numbness & Tingling

Feeling the tingling and numbing sensation of a nerve disorder in your feet can cause balance and stability problems that can lead to damaging falls. Here are 5 causes of tingling and numbing in your feet.
Oct 12th, 2020

4 Treatments for Painful Foot Neuromas

A neuroma is a growth of tissue around or near a nerve that inhibits proper nerve function leading to numbness, tingling, and pain. Here are 4 treatments for debilitating foot neuromas.
Oct 5th, 2020

What is a Ganglion Cyst?

A ganglion cyst is a growth that occurs on a tendon, ligament, or muscle with a primary characteristic being the thick, jelly-like liquid produced in a soft sack on or around the affected component.
Sep 21st, 2020

How to Prevent Fungal Foot Infections

The fungus that causes athlete’s foot is also the culprit in fungal toenail infections and so it stands to reason that both of these itchy and smelly conditions can be prevented by...
Sep 14th, 2020

Treat Bunions Early to Avoid Future Surgery

The best time to treat the bunion toe with conservative methods is while it still retains flexibility. Once the bunion becomes rigid, you may have to have a surgical procedure performed by your foot doctor to correct the problem.
Sep 9th, 2020

4 Reasons for Pain on the Top of Your Foot

Having severe pain and discomfort on the top of your foot isn’t as common as some other foot problems, but a variety of circumstances can cause pain in this area.
Aug 31st, 2020

How to Treat and Prevent Gout Attacks

The painful joint condition known as gout is caused by excessive amounts of uric acid building up in the blood. When the acid reaches a saturation point it crystalizes out of the blood...
Aug 24th, 2020

3 Adverse Effects of Aging on Your Feet

While some age-related problems are largely inevitable, many foot and ankle conditions can be avoided or minimized by taking good care of your feet. Making regular visits with your foot doctor will help catch and treat problems.
Aug 18th, 2020

What Causes Metatarsal Syndrome?

Many factors need to be taken into consideration when diagnosing metatarsal syndrome which is why you should contact your foot doctor when you have pain in the ball of your foot.
Aug 12th, 2020

4 Causes of Acute Heel Pain

Having an acute, sudden pain in your heel can happen due to a variety of causes ranging from radiating arch pain to bone fractures and systemic diseases like arthritis
Aug 3rd, 2020

3 Treatments for Stress Fractures

Stress fractures of the feet and ankles can occur for a variety of reasons. Dr. Scott Nelson offers 3 treatments that may be used to resolve and heal stress fractures...
Jul 27th, 2020

3 Common Causes of Arch Pain

Misalignment and injury from conditions like plantar fasciitis can compromise the anatomical components of your foot arch, causing severe arch pain and discomfort.
Jul 13th, 2020

How to Avoid Ingrown Toenails

Toenails can grow into the tender skin at the edge of your toe and cause swelling, redness, and oozing from infection. Many instances of painful ingrown toenails can be prevented with this simple advice.
Jun 29th, 2020

5 Amazing Foot Facts

We all tend to take our feet for granted until a foot or ankle problem has us seeking help from our foot doctor. In fact, three out of four people have foot, ankle, or heel pain and discomfort that they are neglecting,...
Jun 22nd, 2020

Stop Foot and Ankle Pain with Custom Orthotic Inserts

Custom orthotic shoe inserts are molded to your exact foot shape and are used to treat many foot and ankle problems. They can even heighten athletic performance while also decreasing the chances of an injury.
Jun 15th, 2020

Check Your Feet for Skin Changes

Skin cancer on the feet can look very much like other skin anomalies like warts and moles and they can also grow on the bottom of the feet or under a toenail where they can go unnoticed, so be sure to have regular visits with your podiatrist.
Jun 8th, 2020

Eat Nutritious Foods for Better Health

While it can be challenging to stick to eating healthy foods when we are all under so much stress during this pandemic, getting the proper nutrition will help to fortify your immune system and help you to feel better physically, mentally,...
Jun 1st, 2020

Visit Aquariums, Museums, and Zoos by Virtual Tour

If you find yourself running out of ideas for fun and educational things for you and the kids to do, why not try a virtual tour of aquariums, museums, and zoos? You can check many of them out online for free.
May 15th, 2020

If You Hate Doing Dishes Try Sheet Pan Cooking

Constantly preparing meals and doing dishes at home during this time of social distancing can really get to be too much. You can easily make an entire, delicious meal using just a sheet pan.
Apr 27th, 2020

A Fun Children’s Science Experiment Using Celery

Here is a fun science experiment for youngsters that visually depicts the process in plants known as transpiration, which is the way that water moves through the leaves and stems of plants and evaporates.
Apr 20th, 2020

Food Choices That May Boost Your Immune System

Eating healthy is something we should all strive for, especially when you consider that eating the right foods may have the added benefit of boosting your immune system to help your body fight off infections from bacteria, fungi, and viruses.
Apr 13th, 2020

An Update for Our Valued Patients

Our practice has been closely monitoring information and recommendations from the CDC and Texas Department of Health about the COVID-19, Coronavirus.
Mar 30th, 2020

5 Ways to Treat Hammertoes

Hammertoes are so named due to the bending of one or more of your middle toes into a shape resembling a hammer. The bend occurs at the middle joint.
Mar 23rd, 2020

5 Causes of Swelling in Your Feet and Ankles

Swelling in your feet and ankles can be caused by a rather wide variety of issues ranging from medication side effects to poor blood circulation, to systemic diseases and injuries.
Mar 16th, 2020

4 Treatments for Calluses and Corns

Your feet tend to develop an inordinate amount of skin problems like corns and calluses due to all the stress and pressure they are subjected to on a daily basis.
Mar 10th, 2020

3 Ways to Treat Toenail Fungus

Infections like fungal toenails tend to become more prevalent as you age since your immune system will become less efficient.
Mar 3rd, 2020

How To Prevent Athlete's Foot

Dealing with peeling, itchy, burning, and smelly feet is what you have to look forward to when you get athlete’s foot infection. The best way to prevent athlete's foot is by limiting and avoiding contact with microbes in public places and at home.
Feb 24th, 2020

3 Exercises To Increase Ankle Strength and Avoid Injuries

By increasing the strength, flexibility, and stability of your ankles, you can help avoid falls and injuries. When your ankles and feet are weak and unstable, you are much more susceptible to a possibly debilitating fall.
Feb 10th, 2020

5 Benefits of Foot Orthotics

Wearing properly fitted shoes with custom orthotics can treat and prevent a wide variety of foot and ankle problems. See your foot doctor right away to start seeing the benefits of custom foot orthotics.
Feb 3rd, 2020

4 Causes of Heel Pain

The rubbing and pressure of improperly-fitted shoes is one easily mitigated source of heel pain. Have your feet properly measured whenever you get new footwear.
Jan 29th, 2020

Why Is the Top of My Foot So Painful?

The tops of your feet are not the most common location for foot pain to develop. However, there are some common causes such as fractures, poorly fitting footwear, systemic diseases, hormonal imbalance, and age-related stress.
Jan 23rd, 2020

3 Bunion Treatments To Help You Avoid Surgery

A bunion is a toe deformity that affects the big toe. A similar condition that affects the small toe is called a bunionette. Both conditions are characterized by a bony growth and a tendency of the affected toe to bend and push into the other toes.
Dec 30th, 2019

3 Simple Treatments for Morton’s Neuroma

A neuroma is an enlargement of tissue around a nerve that can cause pain and discomfort. In the case of Morton’s neuroma, a growth of tissue occurs around a nerve that is between the third and fourth toes.
Dec 23rd, 2019

3 Tips To Prevent Ingrown Toenails

One of the main causes of ingrown toenails is improperly cut nails that grow into the soft skin at the edge of your toe, causing pain, oozing, bleeding, and possible infection.
Dec 17th, 2019

Treat Hammertoes Early To Avoid Surgery

Hammertoes develop slowly and often don’t cause any problems in the early stages. If you start treatment when you first notice your toes bending abnormally, they are easier to straighten out.
Dec 10th, 2019

There Are 2 Forms of Achilles Tendonitis

Achilles tendonitis is a fairly common diagnosis when people go to their foot doctor with heel pain. This tendon connects your calf muscle to your foot at the heel bone.
Dec 3rd, 2019

4 Exercises To Help Prevent Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a painful and debilitating arch condition that often radiates pain to the heel area. It is caused by stress and pressure that stretches and tears the fibrous tissue that spans the bottom of your foot (the plantar fascia).
Nov 25th, 2019

How To Prevent Fungal Toenails

A fungal nail infection can cause your toenails to become grey, brown, and brittle. The infection can also produce a horrible odor as the microbes spread.
Nov 11th, 2019

Why Does My Big Toe Hurt?

Conditions like bunions and arthritis can contribute to big toe pain and stiffness, so see your foot doctor to help avoid additional complications.
Nov 6th, 2019